March 06, 2014

My Life {} Mint Life

Hey guys! I love that I've taken a break from blogging and can come back and see that everyone is doing amazing! I've been checking out my Girls Behind The Lens and everyone's blogs are doing great. Some have stopped, some have taken a break but a lot of you are thriving. I really admire that and look up to you all.

While on vacation last week my hubby was taking pictures of us all and told me how much he misses taking my blog pictures. With all the nice weather Utah has been getting lately, it sure sounds like a great time to start blogging again.

June 20, 2013

Pale Green {} Work Clothes

I loved this outfit today! I didn't want to take it off, I just love color so much. While I was putting it together I was just wearing the tank top and skirt then I remembered the now 3 finger rule at work so I needed a cover. (it was 2 fingers) I've always loved this mint skirt with this cardigan so I added that... then I remembered my little sister just gave me these shoes that I haven't worn yet. So I already had 3 different bright colors why not add more? I finally won a contest on Instagram! It was an Old Navy contest. It took about a month to get the prize and all they said in the emails was you won the "Pale Green Prize" So I was anxious for a whole month! I haven't been able to wear it til today, and I almost didn't because I don't like to wear necklaces when my shirt already has a decorative neckline, but once I put it on I LOVED it. I love that it added 3 more colors to my outfit and that the ring matched my nails perfectly. Ah, what a great day!

Outfit Details:
Tank Top: Old... I think F21..
Cardigan: F21... Old color... (Same Fit) (Same Color)
Shoes: Deb (Buy Here)
Jewelry: Old Navy... Can't find any jewelry online but maybe in store they have it....

June 18, 2013

Navy Swim Suit {} White Beach Hats

This weekend was a crazy one! Friday night we went out to dinner, saw Superman, went out to breakfast (24 hour pancake house...yuck) then drag races, slept for a few hours, drove to Idaho to the Lava Hot Springs and ended with a bon fire! It was almost too crazy to take pictures but between floating the river and jumping in the springs my hubby graciously took some photos of my new swimsuit. Last year I really wanted a one piece but then chickened out. When I put this one on, I fell in love! It wasn't little girlish and it was old fashioned as I LOVE. Top it with a big white hat, and it's the perfect outdoor summer fun outfit once you add shorts. I just walked around in this all day with a light cardigan when it got chilly. 

Outfit Details:
Navy One Piece: Dillard's (It's already sold out!!!) (Option) (Option)
Mustard Shorts: F21 (Similar)
White Hat: Target (Old but here's a cuter option)
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