May 03, 2016

How to Layer Like A Pro {} Halftees

I have been so confused lately this Spring. I don't know what the weather is trying to do but all I can tell you is to layer. When you have bi-polar weather, one minute it's 80 degrees, the next is raining and windy, being able to put on and take off is the easiest solution. But I've always had a problem with layering and I'm here to tell you, I've finally fixed it!

We went to brunch a few Sundays ago to Whiskey Street, downtown Salt Lake. Wow was it good! We ordered just about everything on the menu and even got an Irish car bomb pancake for the table so we could all try a bite. That was a MUST for sure, next time I'm getting my own! The pancakes were made with Guinness Irish Stout, then Jameson infused maple syrup lathered on, and finished with Bailey’s whipped cream! Talk about amazing!

However this was one of those bi-polar days and the weather couldn't make up it's mind. When you spend most of the time walking outside because you can never find parking downtown, it's best to wear lots of layers. So I have a few problems with wearing layers... 1. camisoles NEVER fit right. The straps get loose, the neck gets worn out, sometimes the bottom constantly bunches or rolls up your top. 2. Wearing something underneath is just annoying. Can't they make clothes that don't need an extra layer? Why is everything sheer? Why is everything low cut? 3. Adding that extra layer is bulky and hot. I could keep going on, but let's get to the positives...

 The tank lace halftee is one of their newest inventions and one of my favorites. I can't stop wearing it! It adds just a little bit of lace to all the problem areas but it's not a camisole. It's almost like a bralette, just not as supportive. It does a great job of hiding straps, (this tank is a racerback) adding a little more to a low cut top, and my favorite part is the length. My number one annoyance with layering with camisoles is the length issue. Most tank tops are shorter on the sides than the fronts and back so the cami is always showing. And I'm constantly adjusting or pulling the cami up. I like to say this is a hand free solution to all of your problems. Another SUPER AWESOME trick for these lace half tees is that they are reversible! So if you are needing an even higher neckline, you can just flip it around. So easy and worth every penny.

And just for you, HALFTEE is offering a special discount to all of my readers who would like to one of their designs out. Use code: polishedmonkey20 at checkout to receive 20% off your next order. That is HUGE savings! Let me know if you try them out! I'd love to hear what you think too.

Outfit Details
Floral Tank Top: Forever21
Lace Tank Half Tee: c/o HALFTEE
Cardigan: Bohme

April 06, 2016

A Night in Dublin: What to Wear: What to Eat: What to See

Planning a trip can be a headache and a half. As much as I'm planning and know where we are going and what we are doing, I really HATE being stuck to a schedule. I like to have a list of what to do, places to see, and then make the most of what I'm enjoying at that moment. Sometimes that means I don't get to see everything but you get to really enjoy your time instead of running to the next thing. I think it's better to know where you could go then wondering around aimlessly or worse yet, just staying home in your hotel until the next scheduled appointment arrives.

When we first arrive in Ireland, I'm not too worried about jet lag. It will be 2am our time and 9am Ireland's time. So when we get to our friend's house we can just sleep until lunch and then go exploring just the 2 of us. So here are some ideas I have for exploring Dublin our first day.

First things first.... what to wear! Dublin will be one of the colder places we visit. But it will be nice that I can pack some colder things and just leave all of my colder clothes at the house in Ireland while we go visit the warmer countries. I have a packable Michael Kors jacket that will be easy to carry around with me for super chilly days and then lots of sweaters and scarves will be a must for this adventure. Something I also learned when visiting Hawaii, humidity can be the devil for your clothes. Our friend that lives in Ireland says it takes 2 days to dry his clothes! So NO jeans in Ireland for me. I had a friend suggest going to a sport's store to by *dri* tops and pants. She said they dry much faster and easier to pack. So if you're planning a trip to a humid place, keep that in mind! I'm not doing it this time, because I already had everything I needed for Ireland. However, some of the black jogger pants I'm wearing, are workout pants and will be fast drying. Ok, enough about laundry....

Here's my inspiration for Ireland outfits in Dublin. Check back soon to see what I actually wore!

In keeping with going with the flow and not being a crazy traveler, when we first get to Ireland, after a good nap of course, I want to just explore and walk around the neighborhood. I'm not sure if there will be a nice bakery or cafe but in my head there's a cute Irish cottage only a mile from his house that we will walk to and have a quaint brunch. 

(Maybe something like this?! :) )
After eating and exploring - hopefully walking off our brunch which probably will consist of meat and potatoes, we will catch up with our friend after work. He can then take us into the city and we can go out to dinner and a pub and see the city at night. There's a lot to do in Dublin but we wont fully explore it for a few more days. A castle is a must in David's eyes. 

Here are some of the things I've found in Dublin that I would like to explore and see. Of course, check back while we are there to see what we actually did for more travel inspiration! You can also follow me on Instagram: @thepolishedmonkey to see some of the fun or snapchat: @kahnkerr.

Photo Cred: The Travel Tester

Photo Cred: PlanetD

That's all folks! Not a lot planned for the first day, just taking it easy. We will have 3 full days in Dublin before we go to Paris so check back soon to see what else we have planned for this gorgeous city. 

March 11, 2016

Europe Bound

I am extremely excited to go to Europe! (As you can see by the countdown pictured) This is my first time, and my husband's first time and we have a lot planned! Our good friend just moved to Ireland the end of last year so the plan started with visiting him. We were going to go to Ireland and then the UK. As I got thinking though, I of course wanted to see more. I would beg and beg David to think about going to Paris too since it is sooo close. Everything in Europe is so close! Once you are there, it's hard not to want to visit all over. Then David started looking into an F1 race that he has always loved as a kid and found out that the race is during the time we were planning to go to Europe! And... it's in the south of France! How awesome is that? So now he is on my side and we came up with a fun trip for Europe.

We will first be in Ireland visiting with our friend who we miss a ton! We will go to Giant's Causeway, Cliffs of Moher, Dublin, and Wicklow Mountains to name a few. Then the 3 of us start our journey as we fly to Paris, explore some touristy things and then try to live like locals for a day. After Paris we will take a 5 hour train ride to the South of France where we will be staying in Cannes, France. The race is the Grand Prix race in Monaco. So we will be spending time in those cities exploring, probably drooling over Ferraris and McLarens, and pretending like we fit in. After the race, once my husband has checked out of life and is in high heaven, we are flying to Croatia (where our friend was born and raised) and then roadtripping to Venice, Italy for a day.

There's so much to do and see, I want to really experience it without a camera in front of my face, however I don't want to ever forget such a trip. So I will be documenting as much as possible on here, my instagram @thepolishedmonkey and on my snapchat @KahnKerr.

If you are into F1 racing or curious about the race at Monaco, my husband just started a blog to document his side of the trip. Check his out at Road to Monaco.

Join me now as we plan all the details of our trip and I will need help with my outfits and planning what to pack, so please leave your feedback in the comments!
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