March 06, 2014

My Life {} Mint Life

Hey guys! I love that I've taken a break from blogging and can come back and see that everyone is doing amazing! I've been checking out my Girls Behind The Lens and everyone's blogs are doing great. Some have stopped, some have taken a break but a lot of you are thriving. I really admire that and look up to you all.

While on vacation last week my hubby was taking pictures of us all and told me how much he misses taking my blog pictures. With all the nice weather Utah has been getting lately, it sure sounds like a great time to start blogging again.


  1. Love this outfit! I love the striped cardigan with the mint pencil skirt. Also, very jealous that you aren't surrounded by snow right now!

  2. Love this outfit!! The striped cardigan is my absolute favorite!

  3. Sometimes blogging can be a challenge to keep up with but glad to see you do it here and there. I thought I would stop by. Thank you for e-mailing me your blog URL. Rachel xo


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